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Bryan Rainey –  @bryrainey

Co-Founder and Editor at Topic Flip. I’m a seasoned business owner with over 25 years in web development and very large database structures.

I’ve developed websites for UPS, AT&T, HCA, Sotheby’s, and more. I’ve owned and sold several businesses, some with over $4 million in revenue per year.

I am passionate about my family, my faith, and mentoring others.

Favorite Books

Without reading we do not grow in knowledge or intellect. Here are just a few of my favorite books for 2020:

Favorite Podcasts

Real growth never came from comfort zones!

Caleb Rainey –  @caleb.rainey

Co-Founder and Contributor at Topic Flip. I’m a growth marketer obsessed with SEO, SaaS, WordPress, and web performance.

I’ve written over 2,500 blog posts and have helped grow sites organically from zero to 1+ million visitors per month.

Favorite Books

Without reading we do grow in knowledge and intellect. Here are just a few of my favorite books:

Favorite Podcasts

Some people dream of great accomplishments, others stay awake and do them.

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