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No longer are blogs merely a journal of your wanderings. They are now “online investments” generating serious revenue and providing sustainable income for entrepreneurs just like you.

If you’re ready to jump into the world of affiliate marketing, checkout our library of ready-made affiliate websites and save yourself months of research and development time.

Starter Affiliate Websites

It can be so difficult to build momentum with your first (or really any) website. We have felt your pain and struggle, and that’s why we created a process for quickly and afforably building ready-made affiliate websites.


Niche Briefs

Our team researches every niche and prepares a niche brief detailing the niche industry and potential.

hit list

30-Article Plan

A content plan for your first 30-articles based on manual research of the competition and Google SERPs.

unique design

Unique Design

Our team makes sure each ready-made website has a unique look, logo, social media pack, and favicon.


Premium Plugins

Using our developer's license every, Topic Flip website comes with over $150 worth of premium plugins.

Unique Design, Logo and Vector Images

Our team makes sure each ready-made website has a unique look, logo, favicon, and premium images. Vector (PDF) logo files are also included.

Plus, you’ll also have access to over 100+ WordPress training videos directly in your WordPress dashboard, should you want to make design changes yourself.


Niche Brief Included
With Every Niche Site

For the price of 1 SEO tool, you get data compiled from of over 5 industry standard SEO tools! It would cost you $500+ to access all the tools used to compile our Niche Briefs.

Here's Our Process

Research Niche

  • First, our team researched the niche topic and prepares a niche brief detailing industry trends, keyword analysis, audience insights, growth potential, and a 30-article content plan (ACP).

Ready-Made Site

Revenue Generating

  • Our sites begin moving through a content generation cycle. Every few weeks new content is queued following the ACP. The site price may vary depending on the amount of content and age of site.

We Conduct a
Full External Audit

To prove are websites are exactly what we say they are, we perform external audits of both SEO and technical components before handing them off to you.

Audit reports include a website grade, SEO online visibility, performance, and security checks. Audit reports are provided after purchase.


Ready-Made Sites Include

If you looking for a quicker launch time or don’t have the technical knowledge to build your own professional blog, our ready-made sites are perfect for you! Imagine 12 months from now where every day you go to bed knowing that your online assets are working for you! Now that’s freedom!


Niche Briefs

Every ready-made site includes a niche brief detailing the niche industry and potential.

hit list

Content Plan

So you can launch and rank quickly, every site comes with a 30-Article Content Plan.

unique design

Unique Design

Our team makes sure each ready-made website has a unique look, logo, and favicon.


Site Support

We're in this together! You'll have zero worries if you purchase a ready-made site.

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Complete Features List

If you’re still not convinced a ready-made affiliate site is a win-win, here’s a complete features list.

Ready-Made Site
Unique Site Design X
Premium Images X
Blazing Fast X
100% Mobile Responsive X
WP Astra Pro or GeneratePress Pro X
Elementor Pro X
Ultimate Addons for Elementor X
Perfmatters Plugin X
ThirstyAffiliates Pro Plugin X
Hand-Picked Domain Name X
Custom Logo (Vector EPS files) X
Favicon (Vector EPS files) X
WordPress Training (100+ Videos) X
40-Page Niche Brief (trends, keywords, etc) X
30-Article Content Plan X
12-Months Web Hosting X
100% Satisfaction Guarantee X
Site Support X
Expited Delivery 24-Hours
On-Page SEO Add-on
Content Amount Add-on
Lead Magnet with Email Collection Add-on


Or You Can Do All
The Work Yourself

Here’s an estimate on what it would cost if you were to build your affiliate site from scratch. Most numbers are actual, while the “your time” number is a very conservative estimation at only 20-hours a week (figuring you also have a full-time job).

You could do all the work, but why? We have affiliate websites ready for you now at nearly at 90% savings.


Choose a Niche from the Library

You’re first step is to browse our library of niche websites and find one that interests you. You’ll find a variety of niche topics and ready-made websites. Remember, success comes where passion and popularity meet.


Have a question? Schedule a Call

After you’ve browsed the niche library, if you find you still have questions, schedule a free 15-min call. A team member will gladly answer questions you have. We’ve felt your pain and struggle and want to help any way we can.


Download Nice Brief and Start Migration

Once you’ve decided on a niche and made your purchase, your brief will be available immediately for download.  And within 24-hours after purchase we will transfer ownership of your site to you and will share all credentials.


Schedule 15-min post-migration call

Once the site migration is complete, our team will reach out and schedule a 15-minute post-migration call. Items covered includes Niche Brief review, 30-Article Content Plan, and intro to your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You're a smart person and you know how this works. There are several contributing factors to the success of an affiliate website.

It's like having a car in the driveway. You have a car and it works, but you have to get in it, start the engine and learn to drive. It won't drive itself!

Same with affiliate websites. You can own one and even have the website up and running, but if you don't get in it (so to speak) and start the engine it will not drive itself.

There are some who make a couple hundred dollars a month. And then there's those who are making 5-figures a month with an affiliate website.

Our library of niche sites is the engine to get you started. You just have to get in, write content following the ACP, and build site authority... The money will naturally follow.

You can do this! And yes, it is 100% achievable to make a full-time income using an affiliate website.

Really?! This question is here because, believe it or not, people do ask.

The answer should be obvious. We would love to guarantee your financial success, but we cannot.

As stated in our Earnings Disclamer... The success of your affiliate site 100% depends on you, your education, your experience, your willingness to work hard, and knowing nothing comes easy.

Can you find success? Absolutely! But please know, there are risks in any endeavor and not all are not suitable for everyone.

We want to give you assurances and make you feel comfortable with your purchase of a ready-made website. We get it. When you buy from us you want a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here's how it works. If after 9-months you are not seeing the results expected and would like to return the site:

  1. Contact Topic Flip support and request a website return audit. Our team will reach out and discuss next-steps.
  2. We will need to make sure the site is in the same condition as when it was sold.
  3. That you have not received a penalty from a search engine, or engaged in other “black hat” techniques that negatively affect the site or its rankings.

Once a return has been approved, we will either (at Topic Flip's choice):

  • Refund you 75% of your original purchase price, OR
  • List your website for sell in our affiliate library. A consignment fee of 25% will be paid to Topic Flip.

Note: To return a site, the return must occur between 9-months and 15-months after original purchase date. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is non-transferable and only offered to the original buyer of the site.

After you choose your ready-made affiliate site and complete your purchase, you will receive the following.

  1. Link to download the Niche Brief, keyword data, and 30-Article Content Plan.
  2. WordPress login credentials.
  3. Gmail account credentials for an email address associated with the domain and website.
  4. Domain registrar login credentials.
  5. Access to over 100+ WordPress training videos accessible in the WordPress admin panel.

We're all busy people and have enough usernames, passwords and dashboards to worry about.

Neet support? Simple... send an email to

Company policy dictates, if email is received before 2pm ET, you will receive a response same day. If received after 2pm ET, you will receive a response next business day in the AM.

Most everything! Since you will receive premium plugins using our developer license, all support for your website will go through us. No need bouncing around to different support groups.

You'll find we're a group of honest, straight shooting business owners just like you. If we don't know something, we'll tell you. And then we'll go find the answer.

No. As long as you own the site you will have support from us. However, suport is NOT TRANSFERABLE. If you ever sell, transfer or give away the site our support will end.

That said, we do hope you can sell the site for a big payout! After all, that is the goal 🙂

Unfortunately, no. Any plugins provided to you at the time of purchase are only valid for that specific domain. If you change domain names, you will need to purchase your own plugin license.

We've gone to great lengths to build ready-made affiliate websites that have a proven design and blazing fast using a very specific technology stack.

We provide support for our ready-made sites as long as the majority of the technology we use stays in place.

You are welcome to change the WordPress theme, add new plugins, etc. But we cannot support a site that has changed dramatically. Simply put, add a few new plugins... not a problem. Change themes and add all new plugins, tough for us to support that.

If you have a question about a particular theme or plugin reach out to us.

Our starter affiliate websites are all priced at $649. This includes everything you need plus the article content plan. The only piece you need to add is published content.

All starter sites will eventually convert into a Tier-2, Tier-3, and Tier-4 site, which includes published content. When content is added to a site, the price will go up accordingly.

As you know, content is king and we will continue adding valuable content assets to our sites and the prices will be adjusted when we do.

Your best option is to grab an affiliate site in a niche that interests you before content is added.

You bet! If you're looking to build an online portfolio and want to purchase 3 or more websites, we can offer bulk discount pricing.

Contact us and let's chat.

We accept all forms of payment.

  • Visa, MasterCard, Amex
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Sorry, we cannot invoice for a ready-made affiliate website.

If an escrow purchase makes you feel more comfortable, reach out to us and we can set it up.

No! We sell a niche one time. We do not create competition between our customers. It is possible we may have several niche sites in the same broad category, but never competing at the same niched-down level.

Example, we may have an affiliate site going after the keyword "pergola" and another going after "fire pits", both in the DIY niche.

All right, here's the good stuff! Below is a list of technical items you will receive when you purchase a ready-made affiliate website.

  1. A complete WordPress website (with images) built using either WP Astra Pro or GeneratePress Pro themes.
  2. Elementor Pro
  3. If your website was built using WP Astra, you'll also receive the Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor plugin.
  4. ThirstyAffiliates Pro plugin (1-year subscription).
  5. Perfmatters - A lightweight website performance plugin.
  6. Your domain URL will either be managed by Namecheap, Enom, GoDaddy, or SiteGround. We will share all credentials during the migration.

All ready-made sites are hosted on SiteGround. After your purchase is complete, our team will begin the transfer process.

You will receive an email from SiteGround once the process has begun. If you're already a SiteGround customer, they can add your new site to your existing account. If not, you'll need to create a new SiteGround account.

All purchases include 12-months of hosting with SiteGround, using their StartUp plan ($85 value).

If you would rather transfer your new site to your web host provider, we will provide the WordPress credentials so you can move the site manually.

If you need help let just let us know. We've done these hundreds of times and will happily assist. We recommend using All-in-One WP Migration.

New Niche Sites
Added Monthly

Every month our team adds new niche websites to our ready-made affiliate library. If you don’t see a niche that interests you, get yourself added to our mailing list and get notified as soon as we release new websites.

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Our Clients

We get it. It’s hard to trust what someone says without proof. Here’s what a few of our customers had to say.

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Imagine 12 months from now where every day you go to bed knowing that your online assets are working for you! Now that’s freedom! And it all starts with choosing a ready-made affiliate website.


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Custom Niche?

  • Everything included with a ready-made affiliate website, but specific to your niche.

    Our team will meet with you to better understand your passion and research its potential for growth. Contact us and let's get started on your future.

Web Design & SEO

  • Need custom web design, SEO or content generation? Contact us and let's get started.

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