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What’s included in our website builds? Here is a complete list of everything we offer with our web design and SEO services

Why Use Topic Flip

At Topic Flip, we’re all about the experience.

We design fast, clean, and professional websites that make it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for when they arrive on your site.

It’s about creating a user journey that transforms visitors into followers and customers into ambassadors.

We do this by asking questions, understanding your audience, and putting our two decades of online knowledge to work on planning a web design that will achieve your business goals.

Here's What We Do...

Some web design agencies limit the features included in their websites for their clients.  At Topic Flip, we give you everything you need to build brand authority, drive value traffic to your site, and position your brand to demonstrate your dominance in the marketplace.

Below is a list of features included with every website we create.


A comprehensive scope of service helps us to determine the goals and needs of the website and give us direction as to the approach we need to take in solving the problems your current site does not address. The planning phase includes.

    1. Scope of Service call to discuss the project, your brand, and your goals
    2. Website structure and wireframe
    3. Photography and imagery to match requirements
    4. Branding considerations
    5. SEO success & shortcomings


We deep-dive into which content assets are working and which ones are not. Using our staff of in-house writers we can develop online assets that drive quality traffic to your site.

    1. Review site structure and content strategy
    2. Content is reviewed and audited. We act as your content editor
    3. Content writing is available at an additional cost
    4. Blogging services and writing is available at an additional cost
    5. Search engine optimization (SEO) is available at an additional cost
    6. Link building available at additional cost


Here’s where the fun happens and your new website begins to take shape. Our team will walk you through several meetings where we present updates and collect feedback on our progress.

    1. Establish a sandbox for testing.
    2. We use site-wide themes for easy updates on headers, footers, etc
    3. Directly coded CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and PHP, if required
    4. W3C Validation
    5. Install WordPress and all required plugin components
    6. Call to action and social media buttons
    7. Drop down and mobile responsive menus
    8. Contact form with reCAPTCHA and required fields
    9. Favicon
    10. Custom 404 page
    11. DNS redirect from previous web site if new URL is used
    12. Image compression, JavaScript and CSS optimization
    13. Mobile responsive testing on all devices
    14. Installation of Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Pixel, or other tracking code

Additional Features

Should your new website require them, our team can add any number of sophisticated features that will really make your new asset pop! These features may incur additional fees.

    1. Parallax animations
    2. Carousel rotations
    3. Collapsible menus, FAQs, etc
    4. Exit intent and pop-up
    5. Blog and RSS feeds
    6. Calendar and scheduling functionality
    7. Social media live feed

Search Engine Optimization

During the build of your new online asset, our team will take great caution to ensure we perform on-page SEO throughout the process. Some SEO components may incur additional charges.

    1. Clean, SEO-Friendly URLs
    2. Google Compliant Sitemap
    3. Custom Page Titles
    4. Brainstorm, research, and selection of keyword phrases
    5. Site Optimization
    6. Title Tag Modification
    7. Meta Keyword Tag Modification, if needed
    8. Meta Description Modification
    9. Addition of Keyword Footer Links to Pages on Site
    10. Alt Tag Modification & Other Code Changes
    11. Submission of Client Website to Google Webmaster Central and Verify the Site
    12. 301 Domain Redirections and www used and not non-www
    13. Technical Modifications
    14. Custom 404 Error Page
    15. Robots.txt File Added or Modified
    16. Site Mod:  CSS/JS/HTML Sitemap and Google Analytics
    17. Content Guidelines


Once your new website is up and running it’s critical that you track visitors, page views, and conversions. Our team will make sure all the right components are in place.

    1. Google Analytics
    2. Google Search Console
    3. Sitemap
    4. SEMRush and ahrefs reports available


OK, it’s time to let the world know about your shiny new website. Our team will double-check everything to make sure we’re buttoned up before the launch.

    1. Check analytics,  forms, and email delivery
    2. Crawl site for broken links
    3. Assistance with domain & DNS
    4. One-Hour training of WordPress. Over 100 training videos provided.

Maintenance & Hosting

Now that your new site is up-and-running it’s critical that it stay free of spam and BOT attacks, backups are running and a disaster recovery plan is in place.

    1. Site maintenance is available at $125 per month with unlimited edits on existing content
    2. Web hosting provided, if included the contract.
    3. Monthly audit reports are conducted and delivered
    4. WordPress plugins are tested and updated monthly
    5. Daily backups + disaster recovery
    6. Security + anti-spam
    7. Monthly traffic reports
    8. Site security (SSL) included
    9. Content delivery network (CDN) included
    10. Communication:
      1. Same day response and implementation, Monday thru Thursday
      2. After hours response within 3-hours, Friday thru Sunday
      3. After hours implementation within 24-hours

Our Clients

We get it. It’s hard to trust what someone says without proof. Here’s what a few of our customers had to say.

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