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WordPress Website in 15-Steps and 15-Minutes

Need a WordPress website and short on time? We show you how to start a website in 15-minutes and in 15-steps.


Anyone who wants to start a business today needs to have a website. And anyone who wants flexibility and freedom to make that website do whatever they want needs to use WordPress.

I’m going to show you just how easy it is to get a fully functional WordPress website setup in 15-steps and 15 minutes!

All right, buckle up because we’re going to fly. But before we start, let’s establish some ground rules.

✔️What WILL BE covered:

  1. Set up new hosting account with SiteGround.
  2. Install WordPress.
  3. Install SSL.
  4. Install a WordPress theme.
  5. Install necessary plugins.

❌What WILL NOT BE covered:

  1. Theme customization of any kind.
  2. WordPress dashboard.
  3. How to add a post or page.
  4. WordPress settings.
  5. Content creation.
  6. SEO.

As you’re about to find out, setting up a website is super easy. If fact, it’s downright nuts how fast you can have a website setup with the technology available. Anyone can do!

Please understand once you get your website installed there are still many-many things that need to happen and will not be covered in this example.

My desire is to help you set up a new website so you can get started.

Sound good? Let’s do this!

New SiteGround Account

First thing you’ll need is a web hosting account where your website will live. Your hosting account is where you’ll store your files, pictures, and blog posts. This is also where you’ll install WordPress.

To begin, open a new browser tab and navigate to SiteGround.

1. Click on WordPress Hosting.

For this example, we will use SiteGround’s WordPress Hosting. The other plans have their advantages, but since we’re focused on using WordPress, this is the best option for our website.

2. Click on StartUp plan.

Here you’re presented with several plan options. Since this is a new site, I would recommend sticking with the StartUp plan for $6.99/mo. The GrowBig and GoGeek plan allow for unlimited website and higher traffic volume. You can always upgrade.

3. Enter the domain name for your new website.

This will be the website address where people will find you. This is referred to as your URL (universal resource locator). If you already have a domain registered elsewhere, select “I already have a domain”.

Once you enter your domain name, click Proceed. SiteGround will tell you if your domain name is still available.

If you need help to find a domain name, check out our YouTube video How to Choose a Domain Name.

4. Fill out contact and payment information.

  1. When you’ve completed the form, click Pay Now.

You’ll get the best deal with SiteGround if you sign up for at least 12-months. You can pay monthly, but it’ll cost you $19.99/mo instead of the advertised $6.99.

5. Proceed to Customer Area

Your SiteGround account is now setup and your ready to build your website.

  1. Click Proceed to Customer Area.

Install SSL

6. Inside your customer area.

There is a lot of information once inside your customer area. You can come back at anytime an explore.

  1. For now, click on Websites at the top of the page.

7. Now we need to set up your SSL (secure socket layer).

This is where the fun begins.

  1. First click Security found on the left-hand menu.
  2. Then click SSL Manager.
  3. Once your inside security, you will choose your domain from the drop down.
  4. Select “Let’s Encrypt” from Select SSL.
  5. Click GET.

Note: You do not need the wildcard version unless you plan on having sub-domains with additional installs on your site. An example would be or where “courses” and “go” are your sub-domains.

Install WordPress

8. Now we’re ready to install WordPress.

  1. Click WordPress on the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Instal & Manage.
  3. Click button Select under WordPress.

9. Create your admin username and password.

The only change you need to make here is typing the Username and Password you want to use for WordPress. This can differ from the username and password you setup for your SiteGround account.

  1. Under Admin Info enter your admin username. Hint, I typically use an email address here.
  2. Enter the password you want for your Admin.
  3. Enter the email address you want to use for WordPress.
  4. Click Install

10. Launch WordPress site.

Yay! WordPress is installed, and now it’s time to check it out!

  1. Click Admin Panel to access the backend of your WordPress site.

11. Begin your last steps.

SiteGround will take you through a few additional steps to complete everything.

  1. Click Start Now to continue the installation.

Choose Website Theme

12. Choose your website’s theme.

SiteGround will now present several free themes available to you. Here at Topic Flip and on all our online properties we use WP Astra. I have found it to be the most stable, incredible fast and offer a ton of options. In fact, our flagship site was built using WP Astra.

  1. For this example, we will use the business theme Neve Business (Free).
  2. Once you select your theme, click Select.

Choose Plugins

13. Time to decide on a couple core plugins.

One of the last options SiteGround will present to you is whether to install two (2) plugins.

  1. Elementor – This a page builder, that (in my opinion) is king of the hill. Let me be clear, you do not need Elementor to have a great-looking website. But if you think you might build some custom pages and maybe a funnel or two, Elementor sure makes it easier without loosing page speed.
  2. WooCommerce – This is an e-commerce plugin that allows you to sell products on your website. I’ve used WooCommerce. It’s does the job. It will slow down your site, so be prepared. If you’re planning on selling items WoodCommerce is a descent choice. If not, you can skip this one. You can always install it later.

Once you’ve made your choices, click Confirm.

14. More plugin choices.

Here you’ll be presented with four (4) additional plugins.

  1. WPForms – This plugin helps you build forms for your website. WPForms is a solid, safe choice if you think you may need several forms on your site.
  2. Jetpack – A security plugin developed by Automattic (the folks behind WordPress) that helps weed out spam comments, offers real-time backups, instant downtime alerts and one-click restores.
  3. WooCommerce – You’re presented with the WooCommerce plugin again.
  4. The Events Calendar – If you host a lot of meetings or plan on having a calendar of events on your site, install this one. Super cool and easy to use. The Events Calendar can help you with online events, calendars, and ticketing.

My choice is to select WPForms only. I may install Jetpack later. I do not need WooCommerce or The Events Calendar.

15. Last step!! Couple more plugin options.

  1. Monster Insights – This plugin makes it easy to add Google Analytics to your site. Honestly, it’s really nice plugin but unnecessary as you can get all the stats you need right on the Google Dashboard. But, if you want to see real-time stats right on your website, this is the plugin to use.
  2. Yoast SEO – You definitely need an SEO plugin on your site. Without it, you’ll not have a sitemap or some very important metadata needed to get your site ranked with Google. Yoast SEO is an excellent option, and they continue to make improvements to the plugin.
  3. OptinMonster – If you’re thinking of having a pop-up display when a user exits your site, or maybe you might want a pop-up for a free giveaway. OptinMonster is a brilliant tool for this. I’ve used OptinMonster since they created it in 2013. I do not have it on Topic Flip.

My ultimate choices here are to select none of the plugins. YOu can always install them later. So, at this point none are necessary.

Site Complete

Final – OK, your website is now up-and-running!

Now that your website it up, this is where the actual work begins, making changes and adding content.

I hope this has been helpful and your excited to get started on your blogging journey.

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